The Adventures of Harry Marples – Harry Goes To Work (2018)

Harry Marples has to get to work for a Very Important Meeting. After forgetting to feed his cat, Harry realises he’s also forgotten his keys. Can Harry beat the photographers and a brush with the law to get to work? Will he ward off a flurry of hashtags and an incorrectly ordered coffee?

Epic! You know it’s a ripping yarn if it includes a reference to a Venn Diagram.”

“The mishaps of poor #hashtag Harry … Very amusing story, I’d be interested in reading a full-length novel about Harry Marples. Livingstone is a very engaging writer and leaves you wanting more.”
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Red Inks (2015)

We both stare at the body crumpled on the floor, all unnatural angles and leaked fluids.

A crime cleanup crew tackle all the messy jobs, while a university lecturer guides us through the quirks of other planets and a farmer still fights the war.

‘One thing I’ve learnt, is never to be afraid to tell someone to fuck off.’

This story collection brings together evocative landscape portraits, observations and stories of travel, sport and the bush mingled with homelessness, grief and domestic violence with a rich variety of characters.

All served up in bite-sized portions.

His rifle is pointed directly at my chest. ‘Hands!’ He shouts above the thumping against my ribs. ‘Show me your hands!’

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