I’m excited to announce the arrival of a brand new bouncing baby short story.

“The Adventures of Harry Marples – Harry Goes To Work” begins with Harry leaving his apartment without feeding his Siberian Forest Cat, Carol. When Harry tries to rush back to keep Carol sweet, he realises he’s also forgotten his keys. It’s not shaping up to be a very good day but Harry has to get to work for a Very Important Meeting. Will he get there in time? Or will a random photographer create havoc with a capital hashtag?

“The Adventures of Harry Marples” is available for free download via Smashwords for reading on your preferred device. It is also available for Kindle but sadly isn’t free over there (yet!). This short story is around 3300 words and takes an average of 7 minutes to read.

Get your copy:

Smashwords (free – for Kobo, Kindle or reading onscreen)

Amazon (not free – for Kindle)

I’ve also introduced “Red Inks” – my 2015 flash fiction collection – to Smashwords. You can find it here.

What they’ve been saying

Epic! You know it’s a ripping yarn if it includes a reference to a Venn Diagram.”


“The mishaps of poor #hashtag Harry … Very amusing story, I’d be interested in reading a full-length novel about Harry Marples. Livingstone is a very engaging writer and leaves you wanting more.”

Who is Harry and Will He Be Back?

Although I can’t take credit for creating the protagonist’s name, Harry did walk straight into my mind, tweaking his hair and then checking whether his stubble could be considered designer or hipster (he hoped for the former). From there Harry’s efforts to get to work practically wrote themselves.

There’s a possibility that Harry will return for more adventures. I’ve already been working on ideas.

Please take a read and let me know what you think. What scrapes would you like to see Harry find himself in next?